live tech...

For live performance I just need a pair of xlr's to take me to the venue sound desk.

Good (and loud!) monitoring is pretty essential and subs will give everyone a better experience!

...and a decent sized table is a help...

promo words...

Guerrilla Biscuits is the electronic solo project of musician Dave Shooter. It began in early 2019 with a desire to produce a solo electronic output with a focus on live performance. There have been gigs (performing with a laptop and controllers), in Manchester, Liverpool, Penrith and Lancaster in 2019-21 and 4 EPs plus several commissions, collaborations & remix projects.

Glitchy beats & sneaky tunes embedded in sweet, filthy grooves - mixed & mashed in real time…a dirty electronic groove machine!


Gear lists are always fun...

- Ableton Live 10 (& a bit of 11!)

- Focusrite Scarlett 2i4

- Push 2

- Novation Launch Control XL

- Novation Launch Control

- Novation LaunchPad Mini

- MidiFighter mkI

- Korg NanoKey

- Presonus Eris E4.5

- AKG K271 mkII

- Korg Volca Beats

- Korg Monologue

- Teenage Engineering PO-16 Factory

- Teenage Engineering PO-24 Office