when can you next see electronic music producer, performer and composer Guerrilla Biscuits playing live...?

future gigs...

09/10/21    w/Me Lost Me & Nathalie Stern      More Music, Morecambe, LA3 1QT
04/11/21    Supporting Haiku Salut                 Kanteena,
 Lancaster, LA1 1QL
12/11/21     Murmurations                             The Priory, Lancaster, LA1 1YZ

past gigs...

07/08/21    Bleep of Faith Festival                  Gisburn Forest, Clitheroe, BB7 4TS
31/07/21     Emotion Wave All-Dayer                Carnival Brewing Co, Liverpool, L3 7HJ
29/05/21     That Spring Thing                        
More Music, Morecambe, LA3 1QT
27/03/21     Saturday Sessions                       The Priory, Lancaster, LA1 1YZ
21/02/21     Hymns for Robots                        More Music, Morecambe, LA3 1QT
07/11/20     Saturday Sessions                       The Priory, Lancaster, LA1 1YZ
25/10/20     Hymns for Robots                        Kanteena, Lancaster, LA1 1QL
27/09/20     Hymns for Robots                        Kanteena, Lancaster, LA1 1QL
27/09/20     EMOM                                         Lock 91, Manchester, M3 4QL
19/12/19      Hymns for Robots                        Golden Lion, Lancaster, LA1 1QD
12/10/19      HfR @ Lancaster Music Festival  Gregson Centre, Lancaster, LA1 3PY
30/08/19     Periscopes                                 Peer Hat, Manchester, M1 1BE
27/06/19      Hymns for Robots                       Golden Lion, Lancaster, LA1 1QD
26/05/19      Winter Warmer                            Blue Jam Arts, Penrith, CA11 8TU
playing live...

A key driver behind the ideas for Guerrilla Biscuits was to perform live...


...and that led to the Hymns for Robots nights and getting involved in the EMOM scene...


I'm always up for gigs...